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ABOUT THIRD ALBUM "Modern Techniques of Ecstasy" (2011)

Estado de São Paulo – “total ecstasy, from the first to the last track” … “the album pulsates with the ecstasy of beauty, of the enjoyment of every faith, regardless of what will come”
Jornal do Commercio(PE) – “In the age of faceless bands, virtually reproduced singers, and conservative pop songs with redundant lyrics, comes an album that unites music and literature, Frevo rhythm and Wagner, that unveils the link present in Mahler between the Italian Venice and Recife, the Brazilian Venice, in which are cited Blake, St. Theresa of Ávila and Count Belamorte, a bizarre poet from the state of Minas Gerais… Is there such an album? Yes. It is called Modern Tecniques of Ecstasy, by Armando Lôbo”
REVISTA CONTINENTE(PE) – “Somber and radiant”, “the composer exhibits a sample of his cultural backbone weaving references to several names from literature and music"

ABOUT SECOND ALBUM ''Vulgar & Sublime'' (2008)

Folha de São Paulo – “(…) bringing about what’s rarer and dearer in 2008: personal diction.” – rating:“GREAT”
Jornal do Commercio(PE) – “reaffirms the artist’s talent in all his versatility”; “aimed at a fine selection of listeners”
JB – “Never mind the vulgar; Sublime is the right title”; “gives rise to the best thing since the Mangue Beat generation.”
Gazeta do Povo(PR) -“Armando Lôbo (...) expands musical possibilities and creates delightful strangeness”

ON DEBUT ALBUM ''Alegria dos Homens'' (2003)

O Globo -''Lobo injects fresh blood into Brazilian Music'', ''an ambitious musical surprise'' - rating: *****
Estado de Minas – “... more ideas and provocations than most celebrated “new geniuses” in their entire careers.”
JB – “a fruit from the crop of new authors and performers that are revolving the foundations of Brazilian Music."

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Photo by Suzanne Heffron / Scenic Direction by Armando Lôbo

*Armando's PhD was sponsored by CAPES Foundation (Brazil)               

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